Active support

We can give you advice, support and guidance.
But you also have to be active yourself.
Think about alternative ways to find work
and how to write a good CV and personal letter.
And work out how to keep happy
and stay motivated while looking for work.

Competence profile

As a first step, write a competence profile.
Think about what you are good at
and what personal qualities you have
that might help you.

When you apply for a new job and prepare for the interview,
you should be confident in what you know
and the skills you have.

Ways of finding work

Another good idea is to learn how employers
look for employees,
and find the best route to the job you want.
Personal contacts are very important.


Upgrade your CV. CV is short for Curriculum Vitae,
which means “life story”.
Your CV presents your previous jobs and education.
You can also practise writing a personal letter
and how to present yourself at an interview.
If you are well prepared, you will find new work faster.

Further training

Further training can improve the chances of a new job,
for those who want to develop their competence,
change career or start a business.
It can also be a good idea to look for a position as a trainee.