If you are unemployed when your period of notice ends,
you can apply for some financial support.


You can get additional financial support
in the form of “A-kasseutfyllnad”
(supplementary unemployment benefit.)
Combined with your general unemployment benefit,
this provides up to 80 per cent of your earlier pay
for a period of 200 days.

If still unemployed after this period,
you can receive up to 70 per cent of your earlier pay,
including your general unemployment benefit,
for an additional 100 days.

To receive “A-kasseutfyllnad”, you must:

  • have been permanently employed for five years.
  • be prepared to accept new employment.
    You must also be registered with the Swedish Employment Office (Arbetsförmedlingen).
  • NOT have said no to similar kinds of work.
  • have the right to unemployment benefit.

Compensation instead of benefit

When you and your counsellor agree
that you should take part in active support
which means you lose the right to unemployment benefit,
you can receive compensation of
up to 80 per cent of your earlier pay,
for a maximum of 43 days.

For “A-kasseutfyllnad”,
apply directly to the Transition Fund.
You can do this immediately on receiving notice,
or later.
If you have not found a new job
by the time your employment ends,
you can apply for supplementary unemployment benefit.