Who can get help from the Transition Fund?

The Transition Fund helps people employed
by municipalities and County councils,
or companies that are members of the Pacta employer’s organization,
who have lost their jobs through lack of work.

To be helped, you must also:

  • have worked at least 40 per cent of the time in the same job,
    for at least a year, before you became unemployed.
  • have been hired on a permanent basis at time of notice.

To get help from us, you should have been given notice
no earlier than January 1st 2012.

Reduced employment when less work available

Employees who have said “Yes” to a new position
with reduced working hours when work is limited
have the right to support from the Transition Fund if:

  • the employer has had to reduce personnel
    and the employee has been offered
    an alternative position.
  • there is no right of precedence (företrädesrätt)
    or period of notice.
  • the employee is getting unemployment benefit.

The Transition Fund can suggest various forms of support
while the applicant is unemployed.
The employee may receive a so-called “A-kasseutfyllnad”
(supplementary benefit) equal to 75 days’ work,
within a year from starting in his/her new position.